How to sync iPhone Contacts with Goosync

I’ve found it, thanks to Fabrizio Capobianco, Funambol’s CEO.

I think I am one of the first in the world to solve this problem, since with Google I didn’t find any solution to this problem!

The problem was: I had my contacts loaded on website (premium account). On that site you find instructions to sync with Outlook, through Funambol Plugin. I didn’t have outlook on my laptop and I didn’t understand why I had to install it, since there is a Funambol client for iPhone, wrote by Fabrizio Capobianco. GooSync uses SyncML too: why couldn’t they talk directly?

The problem is that if you try to use Funambol for iPhone, you get a strange error:

Synchronization URL:
Preparing synchronization of addressbook…
Alert status from server = 404
Error in preparing sync:
sync failed without any error description, check log

Thanks to Fabrizio, who kindly replied me in his blog, I solved the problem.


  • You ought to have a jailbroken iPhone.
  • With Installer app, install BSD utilities and SSH client& server.
  • You have to download on your PC/Mac also a SSH client if you don’t have already (try to write “ssh” from your DOS/Term prompt).
  • Follow instructions on to download Funambol for iPhone.
  • Your iphone have to be wirelessly connected in the same network of your PC/Mac.

Look in Settings-General-Network to find your iPhone IP address. Connect via the SSH client on your PC/Mac to this IP address. User: root, pass: alpine. You are now inside your iPhone.

vi .sync4j/evolution/funambol/spds/syncml/config.txt

place a # in front of the “syncURL =” line and write another below that one like this:

syncURL =

a few lines below you find two fields for Username & Password: type those of your GooSync account.

Save with :wq command. Now:

vi ../sources/addressbook/config.txt

find a line where’s written uri = card, add a # in front of it, and type a new line like this:

uri = Contacts

than save & exit. Now you can open Funambol and press “Sync All”. If you have thousands of contacts, you’ll have to wait enough to let it sync with your iPhone.

If you want to return to myFunambol account, just make backward changes.

If it useful, leave me a comment, thanks!


9 thoughts on “How to sync iPhone Contacts with Goosync

  1. Hello,
    this does not work for me. Altough I edited both config files, I get:

    21:11:05 GMT +0100 [INFO] – Synchronization URL:
    21:11:05 GMT +0100 [INFO] – Preparing synchronization of addressbook…
    21:11:06 GMT +0100 [ERROR] – Alert Status from server = 404
    21:11:06 GMT +0100 [ERROR] – Error in preparing sync:
    21:11:06 GMT +0100 [ERROR] – sync failed without an error description, check log

    Are you sure ‘uri = Contacts’ is correct?


  2. Try to change ‘loglevel = 3’ and ‘logdir = /tmp’ in the first config.txt file. Then look inside /tmp/SyncEvolution-funambol-xxxx/client.log (i suggest to use less instead of vi).

    I don’t remember now the setting on GooSync MyDevice page, but there are only two possibilities: iPhone setting, or Nokia E90 (my former phone). I am sure that it worked, since I have my full contact list on iPhone.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hey Emanuele

    Thanks for your answer. That doesn’t really give me more relevant information:

    After some HTTP 200

    08:30:01 GMT +0100 [DEBUG] – libcurl header in: HTTP/1.1 100 Continue
    08:30:01 GMT +0100 [DEBUG] – libcurl header in: HTTP/1.1 200 OK

    I still get a 404

    08:30:01 GMT +0100 [DEBUG] – libcurl info: Connection #0 to host left intact
    08:30:01 GMT +0100 [DEBUG] – …blahblah…
    08:30:01 GMT +0100 [DEBUG] – Response read
    08:30:01 GMT +0100 [ERROR] – Alert Status from server = 404
    08:30:01 GMT +0100 [ERROR] – Error in preparing sync:
    08:30:01 GMT +0100 [DEBUG] – libcurl info: Closing connection #0
    08:30:01 GMT +0100 [DEBUG] – Writing configuration settings to the management tree
    08:30:01 GMT +0100 [ERROR] – sync failed without an error description, check log

  4. Tell me what says the log that you find on goosync account page, immediatly after the failed sync operation. Send also me a copy of your two config.txt files to the mail address at the bottom of WhoIAm page.

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